Personal Training Sessions with Hannah 

How do I know if it's for me?

Personal Training is great for anyone who:

  • Wants to build the foundations of fitness and build confidence in and out of the gym
  • Is interested in learning to lift weights and can feel physically and mentally stronger
  • Needs to keep fit for work or needs help keeping up with your loved ones

The best kind of movement is one that you enjoy so if there is anything you'd like to include or learn how to do just ask!

What results can I expect?

All training sessions are completely individualised and so the results you get depend on your individual goals. I believe physical fitness comprises of 10 aspects. Together we will work on all of the following;

  • Building strength
  • Improving Balance and Coordination
  • Cardiorespiratory fitness and stamina
  • Flexibility, agility and accuracy
  • Power and Strength

You'll see changes in your outlook and mindset. Feeling more positive, happier and confident all come with increasing your physical abilities! If you are looking to lose fat or gain muscle I can help you!

What are the costs?

After your consultation, you can sign up to your first month of training sessions! Your month of sessions will be set up via direct debit.

  • Monthly prices start from £129

Monthly training subscriptions are non refundable once purchased. Sessions cancelled by you without 24 hours noticed will count as one of your sessions.

Where is it?

PT sessions are based in the Scarborough/ Filey area

How do I get started?

I would love to meet you to have a chat about your wants, needs and goals so we can put together a plan of how best to help you!

To book in your consultation:

  • Fill in the enquiry form
  • Send me an email at
  • Call on 07890 182 120

Please provide as much detail as possible and I will get back to you as soon as I can

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    “Couldn’t recommend Hannah enough”

    Spent 4 weeks training with Hannah to enhance my knowledge of form during exercises, training plans and a little bit of CrossFit! She totally invested her time into making sure I finished the 4 weeks with more confidence in the gym, both in areas I’m used to, and areas I wanted to learn more about! Amazing personal trainer and such a lovely person! Couldn’t recommend her enough


    PT Client

    I’m hitting the ball further

    I’m hitting the ball further (and no 1 or 2 longest in my group of 16) as a result of the classes. Actually, any sport benefits from the classes.

    Hannah is very personable and very knowledgeable. Her guidance will prepare you better for any sport, no matter what your level, and help reduce your susceptibility to injury.


    Group PT Client

    “feel comfortable and confident”

    Hannah listened to what I wanted to achieve and made a plan for me accordingly. She made me feel comfortable and confident in my own ability. I looked forward to our sessions and our chats while I lost count of my reps!
    After only 8 sessions I feel stronger and able to build upon things myself. Having said that I will book more sessions when I can. I can highly recommend Hannah Colling Personal Training.


    PT Client

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      Training Style

      Health and fitness is not about losing weight.

      It's about feeling more physically capable, feeling super confident and knowing that whatever life throws at you, you can handle it. When we train together, you'll be training for life, not just to look good! I can help you become faster, stronger and fitter than ever.

      The best kind of movement is one that you enjoy so if there is anything you'd like to include or learn how to do just ask!

      Would you like to be able to do things you never thought you could?

      Training for fitness to me, is the same as training for life. Your fitness levels shouldn't stop you from doing what you want to do.

      Imagine going paddle boarding and being confident that your balance is impressive and you're less likely to fall in. Imagine feeling dead confident wearing your wetsuit.

      Imagine the post person bringing you a parcel and telling you to "be careful, it's really heavy" and you can lift it off the floor easily, making it look light as a feather.

      Imagine your neighbour asking you if you want to come with them to a Park run. You're not nervous, you're looking forward to the challenge because you know that your cardio is good enough to carry you through a 5km jog through a gorgeous hall and garden.

      You don't have to be out of breath walking up the stairs

      • Your kids don't have to beat you to the top of the hill
      • You don't have to ask other people to lift things for you
      • You don't have worry about whether you'll be able to get up off the floor when you're 70


      You don't have to be that person!

      It is possible

      Back yourself, become the person you know you can be with a little bit of hard work and a guiding hand

      Fancy getting started?

      Don't wait any longer

      Book in for your free consultation today by

      • Filling in the enquiry form
      • Sending me an email at
      • Calling me on 07890 182 120

      Please provide as much detail as possible and I will get back to you as soon as I can



      • I offer 1:1 Personal Training in the Scarborough/ Filey area
      • If you're based in the local area, please get in touch for 1:1 PT Sessions
      • If you're based further afield or prefer training at home, I can still help you via Online 1:1 PT Sessions, get in touch for more information



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